Victoria Beckham, who initially achieved fame thanks to the Spice Girls, was born on the 17th April 1974 in England, under the sign of Aries. In this band, which later became one of the most famous girl bands in the world, Victoria was known as “Posh Spice”, i.e. the most fashion conscious and elegant of the band.After the band split up, Victoria, like a true "style icon", continued to lay down the law in the fashion world thanks to her personal and exclusive clothes collections. Her marriage to the famous footballer David Beckham contributed massively to increasing the popularity of the ex Spice girl, with a little gossip thrown in. Victoria was born with the Moon in Aquarius, an aspect which contributes to giving elegance and a touch of originality to her personality. The aspects of the planets in her natal chart facilitate her interpersonal relationships: in fact, Victoria has no problems making friends with new people and generally faces life with optimism.At the time of her birth, Venus was in the Ninth House; this aspect makes her able to find equilibrium and inner harmony using her only resources: in fact, Victoria seems to have a particular ability which lets her focus on herself, finding peace. The Sun in the Tenth House ensures the honour and success of her "public" life: Victoria always seems full of life, energetic and fascinating. She should simply pay attention to not always asking too much of herself , maybe admitting every so often, any weaknesses she may have!

So say the Stars!

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